Born in Trieste on may 7 1965 I create very early my first comic’s character: Polip, king of the seas, in the baloons the letters are put randomly as Mario can’t write yet.

During the university I’m thunderstruck watching “Castle in the sky, Laputa” by master Miyazaki and understand that being a storyteller and an artist is what I want to be as a “grown-up”. Letting aside my studies in marketing (I’ll graduate in Economics with a thesis on the distribution in the comics’ market, nevertheless) I begin working as a professional illustrator and writer in 1990 with Holly Connick, a short story published on the magazine Fumo di China.

In ’91 on the magazine Intrepido starts my collaboration with writer Michelangelo La Neve, together we sign some episodes of the series Dipetimento ESP among others.

In ‘93 I join Sergio Bonelli Editore, working on the series Nathan Never and in ’94 I win the Albertarelli prize with the episode “Il canto della balena”.

From ’95 I have also been working on the series Legs Weaver, again for Sergio Bonelli Editore, and in 1999 debute in script-writing with “L’immortale” of the same collection.

In 2000 I team-up with Luca Enoch to co-write a project for the french market: Morgana, published since 2002 by Les Humanoides Associes for which I do all the artwork. Morgana is translated in France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Spain and the first issue was also released in the US.

Again for Humanoides, in 2004, I join writer Kurt Busiek to create the new series Redhand.

I have illustrated some covers for Federico Memola’s series Jonathan Steele and since 2006 have been collaborating with DcComics doing covers for Aquaman, Wonderwoman, Dr.Fate and Shadowpact.

From 2008 I do some covers for Marvel, among these “Skrull Kill Krew” and for Wildstorm the covers for mini-series “Push”.

In 2008 and 2009 Marvel publishes the limited series”X-Men & Spider-Man” in four episodes, written by Chris Gage.

In 2009 I join “Amazing Spider-Man” # 600 with a five-pager written by Bob Gale.
Again for Marvel I do the inside art for #601 of “Amazing Spider-Man”.

In 2010 Marvel publishes the limited series “Spider-Man & The Fantastic Four”, in four episodes, written by Chris Gage.

In 2011 Glenat publishes in France “Les Chroniques de Légion”, written by Fabien Nury. I’m in amazing company: Matheiu Lauffray, Tirso e Zhang Xuaoyu.

In 2013 the first book of “Cutting Edge”, written by Francesco Dimitri is published by Delcourt in France.

Selfthought, many are the authors whom I feel indebted with, too many to mention. A special place is due to the masters Cavazzano, Magnus, Pazienza and master Miyazaki…without his works maybe I would be a business consultant now.tro Miyazaki… se non fosse per lui forse ora farei il commercialista.

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