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Angie Digitwin

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  Published in Italy by Sergio Bonelli Editore, 2017.

Nathan Never – Il canto Gaia, cover variant

Variant cover for the Napoli Comicon 2017. From sketches to final in the gallery.

Nathan Never – Il canto di Gaia

La scomparsa di un tecnico di laboratorio che si perde tra i ghiacci del Nord, sembra solo un banale incidente. Ma Nathan Never si trova sotto copertura proprio in quel centro di ricerca, per indagare sulle molte zone d’ombra che il direttore e la sua assistente nascondono. I due, infatti, stanno cercando di recuperare una […]

ILM Art Department Challenge on

1st place at ILM Art Department Challenge on!

Video #4

Another video from my youtube channel

Video #3

Kurt Rosenwinkel on the guitar from his beautyful album Heartcore!

Video #2

Trying DAUB brushes for Manga Studio 5. The point is getting ideas from random shapes, like watching at clouds. I should do it more often, it’s fun! Thanks for watching!

LevelUp 1

Scritto con Francesco Dimitri per SmartComix di Fabio Celoni e uscito a Lucca 2014. Ora gli SmartComix hanno trovato casa presso Shockdom e verranno riproposti a Lucca 2015, con il seguito!

Cutting Edge 4

Fourth and last in the Cutting Edge series, written by Francesco Dimitri and published in France by Delcourt.

Tex – Frontera!

Released in Italy by Sergio Bonelli Editore on september the 25th, 2015. Proud to play a little part in a legend of italian fumetti.

Video #1

This was done done in Manga studio at 144 dpi on a Wacon Cintiq and sped up x8 with MovieMaker. The brush is really meant to work at 600 dpi but my PC and Camstudio can’t manage the load. Click here and enjoy!

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