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Tex – Waterhole

In Cinnamon Wells, a fleeing gang of robbers kills the Sheriff. His young deputy forms a party to hunt the bandits. On their bloody trail, they are lucky enough to stumble on Tex Willer… But only a waterless desert is waiting for them! Written by Chuck Dixon and colored by Mstteo Vattani! Released 18/9/2018 by […]

Angie Digitwin

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

Senzanima #1

  Published in Italy by Sergio Bonelli Editore, 2017.

Nathan Never – Il canto Gaia, cover variant

Variant cover for the Napoli Comicon 2017. From sketches to final in the gallery.

Nathan Never – Il canto di Gaia

La scomparsa di un tecnico di laboratorio che si perde tra i ghiacci del Nord, sembra solo un banale incidente. Ma Nathan Never si trova sotto copertura proprio in quel centro di ricerca, per indagare sulle molte zone d’ombra che il direttore e la sua assistente nascondono. I due, infatti, stanno cercando di recuperare una […]

ILM Art Department Challenge on

1st place at ILM Art Department Challenge on!

Video #4

Another video from my youtube channel

Video #3

Kurt Rosenwinkel on the guitar from his beautyful album Heartcore!

Video #2

Trying DAUB brushes for Manga Studio 5. The point is getting ideas from random shapes, like watching at clouds. I should do it more often, it’s fun! Thanks for watching!

LevelUp 1

Scritto con Francesco Dimitri per SmartComix di Fabio Celoni e uscito a Lucca 2014. Ora gli SmartComix hanno trovato casa presso Shockdom e verranno riproposti a Lucca 2015, con il seguito!

Cutting Edge 4

Fourth and last in the Cutting Edge series, written by Francesco Dimitri and published in France by Delcourt.

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