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Tex – Frontera!

Released in Italy by Sergio Bonelli Editore on september the 25th, 2015. Proud to play a little part in a legend of italian fumetti.

Video #1

This was done done in Manga studio at 144 dpi on a Wacon Cintiq and sped up x8 with MovieMaker. The brush is really meant to work at 600 dpi but my PC and Camstudio can’t manage the load. Click here and enjoy!


Here you’ll find some reviews on Cutting Edge, many thanks to everyone who cared to read and commment our efforts!

Cutting Edge 3

It’s done! Out in France on june the 25th.

Pages and covers on paper

For informations on pricing and commissions, please write: Thanks for your visit!

Cutting Edge 2

Released in France on august the 21st, 2013, by Delcourt.

Commissions and art for sale

Here’s only some examples at least of what my Marvel pages look like but I tried it all: pencils, markers, brushes and pens. So, if there’s something you might like please ask and I’ll do a proper scan for you.

Sketches, studies and doodles

Everything you do before starting to work on the real thing and between.


Here’s a collection of covers.


These are various works I did for the most different clients: from Ducati, to a museum and my daughter’s school!


Written by Valérie Mangin and published by Soleil in 2008.

Les Chroniques de Legion

Written by Fabien Nury with art by Mathieu Lauffray, Tirso and Zhang Xiaoyu was released by Glenat in 2011

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