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Here’s only some examples at least of what my Marvel pages look like but I tried it all: pencils, markers, brushes and pens. So, if there’s something you might like please ask and I’ll do a proper scan for you.
I’ll also give a price on a case by case basis so again, please inquire.
Commissions: I have very little time for those but it never harms to ask, does it?
Please understand that I’m very much more inclined to do my own characters or random studies, though, it’s so much more fun and this usually benefits the result too!
Thanks for passing by,

2 Responses to “Commissions and art for sale”

  1. Steve says:

    Hello Mister Alberti,

    I’m already looking forward to the next FACTS festival in Ghent (end of octobre) where you’re one of the guests. I’m a huge franco-belge comics (‘bande-dessinée’) fan and i admire your work for ‘Les Chroniques de Légion’.

    Is it possible to do a commission for me of one of the characters of this serie ? I prefer to have the commission in one of my Dutch copies, but there’s a slight probleme: both of them have already a drawing of your collegue co-drawer Tirso!

    So if you accept to do it in the album I can send it to you by post or I can give it to you at FACTS on saturday and perhaps you can make it in the evening ? I’m a close friend of the organisor Stefaan Van De Walle, so the album will certainly return to me.
    If it’s too complicated for you, you can make it on a sheet of paper.


    Steve, Ghent-Belgium

    • Mario Alberti says:

      Hello Steve,

      I’m looking forward to being at FACTS! Thanks for your nice words!
      As a rule I never do free commissions outside of festivals, I’m sure you’ll undestand, but I’ll glady do it for you in Ghent.
      If you want a commission done on paper, please write me at, and we’ll fix a price.

      See you there,

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