Cutting Edge 1


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A bunch of neurotic geniuses.

The planet is their playground.

Nobody knows what is at stake.

Think of Leonardo da Vinci. Think of Shakespeare, think of Casanova, of House MD, of Sherlock Holmes. They are on the threshold between history and myth: some of them are real, some are fictional, they are all outstanding.
They are the cutting edge of humanity.
In every age there are ‘edgers’, people that pushes human boundaries to their utmost limits. They are scientist, athletes, lovers, artists, conmen.
Someone is interested in them.
A financial enterprise, the Leviathan Corporation, challenges a number of edgers from around the world. There will be a massive, secret competition, with real dangers. Only the edgers can participate; only the edgers can know that the competition exists.
It is called Dodekathlon, as the mythic saga of Hercules’ Twelve Labors. It will be made of twelve extremely difficult tasks, and whoever completes all of them will be the winner.
The Leviathan doesn’t tell why they are organizing the Dodekathlon. Only the winner will know. If one is not curious enough to participate, this means he is not really on the cutting edge.
In or out: the edgers have seven minutes to decide.

Book 1 was released in France by Delcourt on April the 17th, 2013.

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