New website!


old site

It was long due: a new and updated website for all my stuff.
I liked the old one but it was obsolete in too many ways.
One big thanks to Serena Smeragliuolo and Fucine for making it possible once more.

I’d like to keep the old welcome words, at least here:

There is a sign, in the book of changes: Lu,
the wanderer. Magnus, a great comics artist, used it sometimes
as his signature and I like to put it here, as a welcome to this site and
a homage to a master that so many times guided me with his works
on the path to learning in the world of comics.

“The wanderer has no fixed abode, his home is the road”
and just as those travelling the internet he’s always looking for
new ideas and suggestions that may take him

Wether you arrived here for work, passion or by chance:
welcome to my artbook on-line, I hope you’ll find
what you’re looking for.
Or at least a hint.

Perseverance and health!

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