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Angie Digitwin

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Senzanima #1

  Published in Italy by Sergio Bonelli Editore, 2017.

Nathan Never – Il canto Gaia, cover variant

Variant cover for the Napoli Comicon 2017. From sketches to final in the gallery.

Nathan Never – Il canto di Gaia

La scomparsa di un tecnico di laboratorio che si perde tra i ghiacci del Nord, sembra solo un banale incidente. Ma Nathan Never si trova sotto copertura proprio in quel centro di ricerca, per indagare sulle molte zone d’ombra che il direttore e la sua assistente nascondono. I due, infatti, stanno cercando di recuperare una […]


Written by Valérie Mangin and published by Soleil in 2008.

Les Chroniques de Legion

Written by Fabien Nury with art by Mathieu Lauffray, Tirso and Zhang Xiaoyu was released by Glenat in 2011

Redhand II

Written by Kurt Busiek, the second book was released first in France by Humanoides Associes in 2006.

Spider-Man & The Fantastic Four

The creative team behind the sellout X-Men/Spider-Man miniseries returns for a brand new tour through classic Marvel moments! Each of our four issues will reveal a heretofore untold team-up between Spidey and the Fantastic Four at a different point in Marvel history, with a mysterious common thread binding them all together.

Spider-Man & The X-Men

Christos Gage  is joined by Mario Alberti  to bring you the most misunderstood team of all time meeting the most misunderstood super-hero of all time in a mystery that starts in the early days of the Marvel Age and winds it’s way through to today.

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